The EU-Moldova visa-dialogue and conflict-settlement in Transnistria

On 15 June 2010 Moldova will initiate the visa-dialogue with the EU. The ultimate aim of the dialogue is to establish a visa-free regime for the citizens of Moldova willing to travel to the EU. In order to benefit from a visa-free regime with the EU, Moldova will have to fulfil a set of conditions related to documents security, illegal migration, public order and security, external relations and...
29 Jul 2010. | 0 comments | 851 votes

Agreements on readmission and visa facilitation: aiming high, striking low

The way the Moldovan authorities conduct sometimes the foreign policy reflects their arbitrary management style in domestic affairs, in spite of diplomatic practice that imply restraint and predictable behaviour. Yet, as far as we know, the Moldovan Delegation in charge of negotiating the Agreement between Republic of Moldova and the European Community on facilitation of visa issuance has...
19 Feb 2007. | 0 comments | 567 votes
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