More mentalities - more neighborhoods?

Naturally born expansionist In order to underline from the start what is the article’s red thread we will make the following assertion – the EU is a naturally born expansionist institution. There is nothing new in this statement, moreover, we could make the reference to Catherine the Great who allegedly remarked that she has no other means to defend the borders of the Russian Empire but by...
21 Dec 2006. | 0 comments | 614 votes

No further enlargement is necessary before the EU foreign and security policy is made more effective

Sir David Logan, Director of the Centre for Studies in Security and Diplomacy at Birmingham University. Among appointments during his diplomatic career: former British Ambassador to Turkey (1997-2001), Assistant Under Secretary of State for Central and Eastern European Affairs (1992-1994), and Assistant Under Secretary Of State for defence Policy (1994-1995), and Deputy Chief of Missions in...
29 Jun 2006. | 0 comments | 596 votes
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