God's ear

Publication type: Book God's ear by Iulian Fruntasu. The review from the Poetry Quarterly Review, Spring 1999, by Steve Spence. Iulian Fruntasu is among the younger generation of Romanian writers (born 1970) currently being promoted by Slow Dancer Press. His work has a strong surrealist edge which mixes chance effects with theatrical excess and surprising vernacular intrusions:...
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St. Bosnia Blues

Publication type: Book In this world, as it is, there is one basic rule, as Zuko Dzumhur voiced it, while thinking about Bosnia, and this is abridged to the two suitcases always packed. All your possessions and all your memories have to fit into them. Everything outside that is alreadylost. It's insane to look for reason, meaning, and excuses. They weigh down on you, like...
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