St. Bosnia Blues

Posted: 30 Jul 2010

In this world, as it is, there is one basic rule, as Zuko Dzumhur voiced it, while thinking about Bosnia, and this is abridged to the two suitcases always packed. All your possessions and all your memories have to fit into them. Everything outside that is already
lost. It's insane to look for reason, meaning, and excuses. They weigh down on you, like memories do. There is nothing left to
you but to duly return books that you have borrowed, to attempt avoiding or losing the ones that were given as presents, and the ones you wrote - to send to friends that live far away from each other so that the fire can engulf them only on the day when the
globe returns to the condition it was a few million of years ago.

All of the city Sarajevo's home libraries that have been burned down can neither be accounted for nor recalled. Nor there is anyone
to do it for. But the fate of the Sarajevo University Library, the great Vijecnica, whose books burned the whole day and night,is remembered like the biggest flame of all flames, like the most devastating fire of all fires, like the final mystic ash and dust. This
happened after a screech and an explosion, exactly one year ago. Maybe even the same day you are reading this. Gently stroke your books, stranger, and remember they are dust.

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