They Hate Us. What Do We Do?

Posted: 20 Nov 2010

I have to acknowledge: the Communists’ hatred against us is clinical, pathological – it doesn’t have a rationale based on facts from the real world, it’s an artifact built entirely by some sick and evil minds. I disconnect the sound when I see them on TV, my hearing becomes impaired when I’m forced to meet them in the context of electoral competition, I look at their gaping mouths and imagine that if in this moment I would shovel caviar down their throats, they would spit it out and push me against the wall for a firing squad. I realize that there is an irrational evil in the world that we have to relate to in some way.

So they hate us. What do we do?

The temptation is to respond in the same way. However, after a moment of reflection, I realize that the communist filth is ours too: impassable roads, shells of sunflower seeds spit down everywhere, people trafficked even by their relatives or friends, illiterate individuals, swearing in a harmonious bilingualism, a general bedlam where no civilized future can find its place.

We can’t respond to hatred with hatred.

And that’s not because we are Gandhi's spiritual followers, it’s because the communist filth is the hideous smile that sometimes looks at us from the mirror, metastasis of a cancer that is spreading in the body. It would be too simple to describe communism as an ideological, political, and financial project of Voronin’s gang. It’s true, this is the face, if we can call it this way, of the Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova and mafia behind it, but the stubborn adherence to this project of a significant number of citizens reveals a fundamental truth: if the Communist Party wouldn’t have existed, the filth I’ve mentioned earlier, would have found its way into a different political form, but just as pernicious and extreme; we would have been spat on with the same rage and threatened with the same hatred.

The fight we conduct now, after all, is not just between democratic parties and the communists, it’s the beginning of scouring our society where some sort of moral sanitation and preventive medicine service as well as the disinfestations service must be employed not just to get rid of a criminal gang with an ideological underpinning, but to uproot the causes of our historical underdevelopment. Their hatred is our backwardness. We have to react calmly but firmly, each of us in its own way, without any political zombification, that a new generation came along that can think and build a world where competition of ideas is to the mutual benefit, that we deserve a chance to catch up with the European civilization quicker, without waiting for communists to pass away.

When no one will spit seed shells on the floor, the last communist will be dead.

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