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History. In a Border-Land.

History is a passionate affair in border-land states, the weaker they are the more disputed are the ethnic and religious identities. Consequently, people have a tendency to react emotionally about what is essentially an artefact. The less economically and democratically developed a society is the more it is likely to treat identities as primordial, attempting to use ethnic nationalism as a tool...

The Right to Revolt

The international media doesn’t pay too much attention to us, probably for good reasons - it's not just that we live in a small country, I think we also are not capable of generating news, especially positive. Meanwhile, clichés have proliferated: the poorest country in Europe, human trafficking, etc. But the latest article published five days ago in Newsweek ("Discolored Revolution" by...
27 Nov 2010. | 0 comments | 685 votes

They Hate Us. What Do We Do?

I have to acknowledge: the Communists’ hatred against us is clinical, pathological – it doesn’t have a rationale based on facts from the real world, it’s an artifact built entirely by some sick and evil minds. I disconnect the sound when I see them on TV, my hearing becomes impaired when I’m forced to meet them in the context of electoral competition, I look at their gaping mouths and...
20 Nov 2010. | 0 comments | 611 votes


The divisions between the constituent parts of the Alliance for European Integration have been a favorite topic for the yellow media, both written and electronic. Superficial approaches, driven partly by the need to sell news and mostly by the lack of professionalism, have grown, unfortunately, on a civic infantilism in our society which is revealed by exaggerated expectations regarding harmony...
12 Nov 2010. | 0 comments | 597 votes


Views expressed by democratic parties on European integration in the context of the current election campaign revealed some sort of Euro-skepticism in our society regarding the desirability and feasibility of the European project, bringing up the arguments that Moldovans are not sufficiently ready to join the EU in a civilization-wise way. Moreover, it is also claimed that "the slogan of...
31 Oct 2010. 0 comments | 627 votes

Will Conservative Revolution Succeed in Britain?

Conservative Party Conference last week in Birmingham, United Kingdom, stood out with a very clear understanding of the political elite that difficult times call for serious reforms. It is a conservative revolution in the making and only history will judge whether it will be a success in the country’s political history. The omnipresence of Margaret Thatcher’s spirit in the Hall was...
13 Oct 2010. | 0 comments | 626 votes

The EU-Moldova visa-dialogue and conflict-settlement in Transnistria

On 15 June 2010 Moldova will initiate the visa-dialogue with the EU. The ultimate aim of the dialogue is to establish a visa-free regime for the citizens of Moldova willing to travel to the EU. In order to benefit from a visa-free regime with the EU, Moldova will have to fulfil a set of conditions related to documents security, illegal migration, public order and security, external relations and...
29 Jul 2010. | 0 comments | 851 votes

Agreements on readmission and visa facilitation: aiming high, striking low

The way the Moldovan authorities conduct sometimes the foreign policy reflects their arbitrary management style in domestic affairs, in spite of diplomatic practice that imply restraint and predictable behaviour. Yet, as far as we know, the Moldovan Delegation in charge of negotiating the Agreement between Republic of Moldova and the European Community on facilitation of visa issuance has...
19 Feb 2007. | 0 comments | 567 votes

More mentalities - more neighborhoods?

Naturally born expansionist In order to underline from the start what is the article’s red thread we will make the following assertion – the EU is a naturally born expansionist institution. There is nothing new in this statement, moreover, we could make the reference to Catherine the Great who allegedly remarked that she has no other means to defend the borders of the Russian Empire but by...
21 Dec 2006. | 0 comments | 599 votes

Lord William Wallace: "We will view Moldova much more clearly when Romania joins the EU"

EXCLUSIVE Lord William Wallace: "We will view Moldova much more clearly when Romania joins and we'll see it as an extension of the Romanian issue." Interviewed by Iulian Fruntasu for Lord Wallace, you are one of the most well-known scholars of European Studies around the world – where this interest for Europe came from in the first place?
13 Sep 2006. | 0 comments | 640 votes
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