About me

I was born on July 5, 1970, in Chisinau.

I graduated Faculties of Philology and Law, and got my PhD in Political Science in 1999 at the Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

Since 1992 I worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During 1997-1988 I worked for the OSCE Mission to Georgia, then - three years in Vienna, for the Permanent Delegation of Moldova to the OSCE and the Joint Consultative Group, dealing with the negotiations of the CFE adapted Treaty and the Decisions of the OSCE Summit in Istanbul. I have also worked several years for the OSCE Missions in the Balkans: in Bosnia (2001-2002), Croatia (2002-2004), and Serbia (2008-2010).

I have worked as the European Initiatives Program Director of the Soros Foundation (2005-2008), and until December 2011 I held the position of the Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Policy and Relations with Diaspora.

Since December 2011 and until October 2016 I was the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I am the author of four books of fiction ("Beata în marsupiu" (Cartier, Chișinău: 1996), "God's Ear" (Slow Dancer Press, London:1998), "St BB" (Cartier, Chișinău: 2006), ”Has it been all just a big lie?” (Cartier, Chișinău: 2016), and a book of history/political science "O istorie etnopolitică a Basarabiei" (Cartier, Chișinău: 2002).

The opinions expressed on this blog are personal. It is allowed to take over anything that it is published on this blog, including books, with due reference indeed.

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