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History. In a Border-Land.

04 Jul 2012.
History is a passionate affair in border-land states, the weaker they are the more disputed are the ethnic and religious identities. Consequently, people have a tendency to react emotionally about what is essentially an artefact. The less economically and democratically developed a society is the more it is likely to treat identities as primordial, attempting to use ethnic nationalism as a tool...

The Right to Revolt

27 Nov 2010.
The international media doesn’t pay too much attention to us, probably for good reasons - it's not just that we live in a small country, I think we also are not capable of generating news, especially positive. Meanwhile, clichés have proliferated: the poorest country in Europe, human trafficking, etc. But the latest article published five days ago in Newsweek ("Discolored Revolution" by...
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